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This page is for those who want to walk a specific distance or climb a certain height and need help finding suitable walks.

Below you will find two lists. Each distance and elevation range in the lists has a number alongside in brackets; this indicates how many walks in our collection are within that range.

Just click the green highlighted link for the distance or elevation that meets your need and a page will appear showing all the walks of that length or climb.

Scroll through the list of walks and choose one that fits the bill. Some walks, where we have offered short or long options, appear in more than one category. All walks are free to download and enjoy on any device.

Choose how far you walk

  • Total walk distance of 1-3 miles = 1.6km-4.8km (28)
  • Total walk distance of 3-5 miles = 4.8km-8km (81)
  • Total walk distance of 5-7 miles = 8km-11.2km (86)
  • Total walk distance of 7-10 miles = 11.2km-16km (34)
  • Total walk distance of 10-13 miles = 16km-21km (3)
  • Total walk distance of 13-18 miles = 21km-30km (3)
  • Total walk distance of 18-26 miles = 30km-41.8km (1)

Choose the total elevation for your walk

  • Total walk climb of 0m-25m = 0-85ft (5)
  • Total walk climb of 25m-50m = 85ft-164ft (24)
  • Total walk climb of 50m-75m = 164ft-246ft (39)
  • Total walk climb of 75m-100m = 246ft-328ft (53)
  • Total walk climb of 100m-125m = 328ft-410ft (51)
  • Total walk climb of 125m-150m = 410ft-492ft (29)
  • Total walk climb of 150m-175m = 492ft-574ft (11)
  • Total walk climb of 175m-200m = 574ft-656ft (8)
  • Total walk climb of 200m-225m = 656ft-738ft (6)
  • Total walk climb of 225m-250m = 738ft-820ft (1)
  • Total walk climb of 250m-275m = 820ft-902ft (1)
  • Total walk climb of 300m-325m = 984ft-1066ft (1)
  • Total walk climb of 525m-550m = 1722ft-1804ft (1)

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