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Comments, tips, and suggestions welcome
Hertfordshire Walker welcomes comments, feedback and suggestions about the walks we publish.

We want this to be a community project with everyone feeling they can add to this resource of free Hertfordshire rambles.

If you spot a significant change in a walk - where perhaps a right of way has been rerouted or a photograph in the directions is no longer accurate because a gate has changed for example - please add the details in the comment box below each walk.

This is so that fellow walkers can benefit from your observations, and we can make edits to the walk directions to bring them up-to-date.

If you want to share photos you have taken when following our routes, and share comments about the walks, you can join the Hertfordshire Walker Facebook Group which we set up in June 2023. There you can interact and share tips with fellow-walkers in what is a growing and friendly community.

As with all public comment areas we have a few basic rules, which I know most people will abide by, but they need to be mentioned. Any posts that appear to be spam, contain adult content, are abusive and inflammatory, contain non-relevant links, or contain any copyright material will be deleted.

All the rest is fine. We look forward to reading your comments about our walks.

Facebook group rules

Facebook group rules
We have set 10 rules for our Hertfordshire Walker Facebook group which are designed to help keep the group focused on walking in the Hertfordshire countryside

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Promoted charity: The Trussell Trust
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