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Walk 46: Tewin North Loop

Woodland walking, open views

4.67 miles (7.5 km)

Photograph of footpath through the fields on Walk 46: Tewin North Loop

An undulating circular around the village of Tewin with open fields, hills and some paths at the back of houses. Starts and ends in a pub beer garden.

Map of Walk 46: Tewin North Loop


  1. If you are intending to buy refreshments at the Plume of Feathers in Tewin, you will be able to park in the pub's car park. It's always nice to pop in and let the staff know that you are parking there and will be stopping for a drink after the walk. Your path leaves from the pub car park heading to the left of the pub and turning right before reaching a field at a step stile. You will see the beer garden on your right. This is where you will return. Cross the stye and immediately there will be two choices, a left turn or going straight ahead. Go straight ahead across the field dipping down and then climbing up again to another stile. There are horses in this field, but they seemed friendly enough and didn't bother us.
  2. When you cross the stile at the other side of the field you will have more choices, a left turn, a diagonally left turn and straight on. Go straight on heading north until you reach woodland at the back of the houses in Tewin. This is probably the least interesting part of the walk, but it's fine. You will be walking north down a narrow track with the backs of gardens on your left and fields on your right.
  3. Eventually you emerge on a private road with a house on your right. Turn slightly right and follow the path along the left chain fence boundary of the house, climbing some wooden steps and turn left at the top heading north-west past some fields and bending left and west towards Burnham Green Road.
  4. Here you turn right for a short distance looking out for a footpath on the other side of the road heading north-west. 
  5. Follow this footpath until it emerges on Coltsfoot Lane. 
  6. Turn left and head west along Coltsfoot Land until you reach Coltsfoot Retreat. 
  7. Look out for a path on your left soon after and head south-west down this path over open fields with great views.
  8. You emerge on White Horse Lane. Turn left and head south into the village of Burnham Green. Note that you pass the White Horse Inn which has a nice beer garden. At the second green in Burnham Green head south along Orchard Road looking out for a footpath on your right, accessed by a step stile. Take this path.
  9. Here you have two options, heading south on the left hand fork or taking the right hand fork. Take the right hand fork heading south-west to a footpath marker post. Turn right and follow the path until you reach an old track. Turn left and continue along this track heading south and west through Little Hill Foot Wood.
  10. You eventually meet a footpath T junction, turn left and continue south-west.
  11. At the end of this track you reach Pennyfathers Lane and Vera Lane. Turn left and head south-east as the lane become a track. Follow this track down the hill and up again through Dawley Wood emerging at the other side, over open fields and downhill.
  12. Look out for a path on your left heading back north-east to Tewin.
  13. When you reach a T junction in the track turn left and head north with the cricket pitch on your right. Soon after the cricket pitch there is a path along its north-west edge. Take this path. You will emerge on Orchard Road, Upper Green. Cross and take the path immediately opposite as it heads north with woodland on your left and fields on your right. Continue until you emerge in a field. Turn right and follow the field round until you reach the second stile you cross at the start of the walk.
  14. Cross the field with the horses in again heading for the step stile back to the pub and into the beer garden or car park.