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Those following our routes do so at their own risk. Hertfordshire Walker can take no responsibility for accidents along the way. Walking in the Hertfordshire countryside is, in our experience, mostly risk free, but accidents do happen.

Walkers could slip on mud or ice, they could injure themselves when climbing stiles, get cut by brambles, stung by nettles and insects, and chased and possibly hurt by livestock.

Some surfaces, such as bridleways repaired by landowners with rubble, might contain sharp items which could injure feet. Some gates on public rights of way might have sharp metal edges. We can take no responsibility for injuries caused by the surface or obstacles encountered along public rights of way or permissive paths

Paths and tracks are often fenced with barbed wire or electric fences, we can take no responsibility for injury caused.

Where there is a 'Bull in Field' sign at the time we test the walk we always try to find an alternative route along a public right of way. We suggest all walkers do the same.

There is also the danger of being hit by traffic when our walks follow a country lane or road without a pedestrian pavement. Hertfordshire Walker can take no responsibility for such accidents.

We have a page of tips that walkers might want to read before setting out.

Those using our walks need to make sure they are healthy and fit enough to do so. Some of the walks are physically strenuous and some walkers might suffer because of this. Please check the distance of the walk before you set off. It's important that walkers have the capacity to follow the walks safely. We have a page that sets out the distances and total elevation of all walks.

Our walks follow public rights of way and, sometimes, permissive paths. They are correct at the time we tested and published the walks, but routes might be diverted or changed over time.

The Hertfordshire Rights of Way (ROW) team has a page where people can report changes to routes. Hertfordshire Walker can take no responsibility for any changes to routes.

We publish the latest tempory ROW closures which are sent to us monthly by Hertfrodshire County Council's ROW team.

We have a page with the latest work being carried out on public rights of way by Hertfordshire Countryside Management team. For this reason we recommend people take an up-to-date Ordnance Survey (OS) map with them or use the OS app.

Having said all that, we do hope you enjoy our walks as much as we did when we mapped and tested them.

Happy walking.

Dave and Ellie Brewer

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Facebook group rules

Facebook group rules
We have set 10 rules for our Hertfordshire Walker Facebook group which are designed to help keep the group focused on walking in the Hertfordshire countryside

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