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Rights of way closures

Latest closure notices

Footpath closure image by Hertfordshire Walker

The following is the latest list of temporary traffic regulation orders (TTROs) affecting Hertfordshire rights of way (ROW) as shared with this site by the Hertfordshire County Council ROW team

Please use this list to check routes are open before heading off on one of our walks.  

  • Buntingford Footpath 21 (extended to: 21/02/2022) - development works north of Owles Lane.
  • Cottered BOAT 34 (closing date: 01/03/2021) - surfacing works Back Lane expected to take two weeks to complete.
  • Welwyn Footpath 54 (closing date: 01/03/2021) - surfacing works between Warren Way and footpath 53 expected to take one week to complete.
  • Hertford Footpath 33 (closing date: 04/03/2021) - structural repair works alongside the Gauge House expected to take six weeks to complete.
  • Hertford BOAT 54 and Footpath 55 (closing date: 25/03/2021) - surfacing works.
  • (Cole Green Way, near Hertford Football Ground expected to take one month to complete.
  • Hertford Footpath 88 (closing date: 29/03/2021) - development works Hartham Leisure Centre expected to take 18 weeks to complete.