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Ellie and Dave Brewer at The Woodman, Wildhill
Ellie and Dave Brewer at The Woodman, Wildhill after a walk
All the walks on this site are free to download and enjoy. They have been created by Ellie and Dave Brewer who live in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire. Ellie is the map reader and navigator, and Dave plots the walks, takes the photos, creates the maps, writes the directions, and manages the website.

The first few in the collection are about three to four miles long and fairly easy. Some of the later additions, from walk 16 onwards, are longer. The North Mymms Way, which is walk 22, is a half-day walk of about 12 miles which will take more than four hours. And the Hertfordshire Marathon Loop, written for a friend who wanted a marathon-length walk, is 26 miles long and, according to our friends, took 12 hours to walk.

Many of the earlier walks are around Brookmans Park in North Mymms, this is because we started the site with walks we could do from home. We then expanded our range when we had walked most local paths.

During the Covid lockdown we walked more locally again. Many of the earlier walks feature our local pub, The Woodman at Wildhill. We have created 10 circular walks for The Woodman that all start and finish in the pub's car park.

You will notice that many of the walks have the word 'loop' in the title. That means they have the same start and finish points. We also have a collection of linear walks where the distance between the start and finish points can be covered by public transport.

All the walks are fairly easy if you are able to cross step stiles, negotiate gates, traverse the occasional muddy path, and manage small hills. Boots and wet weather gear, a bottle of water, a snack, and the correct map for the area are recommended. As are long trousers or a stick if you are walking during the spring and summer when nettles and thistles may encroach on the paths. We also carry antihistamine cream incase we get stung by nettles or insects, and secateurs for cutting back brambles.

We have a page containing walking tips for those following our routes.

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