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Facebook group rules

Our Facebook group rules indicate which way members should proceed
Our Facebook group rules indicate which way members should proceed
The following rules have been set for the Hertfordshire Walker Facebook group in order to try to ensure that all contributions are related to walking in the Hertfordshire countryside. They are copied here so that members of our Facebook group can revisit them when needed.

1 - Posts about walking in Hertfordshire welcome: This Hertfordshire Walker Facebook group is for all who enjoy walking in the wonderful Hertfordshire countryside. It's a meeting place for like-minded people to share their walking experiences, photographs and tips of walking in Hertfordshire with fellow walkers. Please don't post about walking elsewhere or share photos of places outside Hertfordshire, or any activities unrelated to walking, because we want to keep this focused on walking in Hertfordshire.

2 - A friendly and helpful group: We want everyone who joins this Hertfordshire Walker Facebook group to feel welcome, valued, and safe. Negative comments, whether they are about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or disability are not allowed and will be removed. This group is about friendly collaboration with fellow-walkers who enjoyed sharing their experiences of walking in the Hertfordshire countryside.

3 - No commercial promotions: The Hertfordshire Walker website is non-commercial and so is the Hertfordshire Walker Facebook group. Mentions of businesses to do with walking in the Hertfordshire countryside - such as pubs and cafes visited along the way - are welcome. If a discussion develops over the best walking apps to buy, or whether someone asks for any tips on walking kit recommendations, that's fine too. But promoting other businesses is not allowed.

4 - No politics or religion: The group is about sharing our love of walking in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. It's not the place for political or religious debate. There are other groups better suited for such conversations. However discussions are welcome regarding policies and planning issues to do with preserving our public rights of way, our right to roam, and protecting the green belt. 

5 - Lost pets: If you lose your dog while out on a walk please feel free to post its picture, the number and name of the walk, and the location where the dog went missing. If you can add a What3Words reference all the better because it will help people see where the pet was lost. Hopefully, a fellow walker reading the post might have some information. But please don't forward general lost pet appeals from other Facebook groups. They are best posted in local community groups.

6 - No personal sponsorship appeals: We are happy for charities to post about sponsored walks to raise money for worthy causes, and we applaud anyone who takes part in such activities. Any advertising space on Hertfordshire Walker is donated to charities. However we don't allow appeals for personal or group sponsorships for those taking part in such events.

7 - No text graphics: When you post a message in the Hertfordshire Walker Facebook group please use plain text rather than the colourful large text graphics option that Facebook includes. We don't want simple text messages such as "Hi, I am new to the group" amplified with graphics. It detracts from the tone of the group and comes across as shouting.

8 - Please don't post personal walking invitations: This group is ideal for organised walking groups that welcome new members to post invitations to join their groups, and for those wanting to walk with others to connect. However this group is not the place for individuals to post invitations inviting others to join them on a walk. This is for safeguarding issues. Sorry about this, and please don't take offence, but it's a safety issue.

9 - Privacy: This is a private members-only group, which means that the discussions can't be seen by others unless that person applies to join the group and is accepted. This is so that we can create a community based on trust and sharing. If you post any personal details, such as mobile phone numbers or email addresses you do so at your own risk. Hertfordshire Walker will never post such material.

10 - No buying or selling: Please don't post about selling items you no longer need. This is not the place to buy or sell. Any such posts will be removed.

Thanks to all our Hertfordshire Walker Facebook group members for abiding by these rules.

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