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Walk 59: The Burn's Green South Loop

4.2 miles (6.7 km) with 111m of total ascent

Photograph of footpath, fences and fields along Walk 59: The Burn's Green Loop
A mix of shaded footpaths and byways, woodland and wide-open views across beautiful, undulating Hertfordshire countryside around Burn's Green to the east of Stevenage. The walks starts and finishes at the excellent Lordship Arms pub, famous for its real ale.


Map for Walk 59: The Burn's Green Loop Created on Map Hub by Hertfordshire Walker Elements © Thunderforest © OpenStreetMap contributors There is an interactive map at the end of these directions
Map for Walk 59: The Burn's Green South Loop
Created on Map Hub by Hertfordshire Walker
Elements © Thunderforest © OpenStreetMap contributors
There is an interactive map at the end of these directions

Those with GPS devices can download GPX or KML files for this walk. We've added What3Words location references for those who use that system. If you print these walks you might want to use the green PrintFriendly icon at the bottom of these directions to delete elements such as photographs.

Parking: The landlord at The Lordship Arms in Burn’s Green (location - https://w3w.co/dolls.deflation.writing) says he is happy for walkers to park in the pub car park if it is not busy and if you intend to take refreshments at the pub after your walk. If it's not open he asks walkers to drop a note through the door explaining that they have parked.

1: From The Lordship Arms head WSW along Burn’s Green for 170m to the point where the road becomes Benington restricted byway 39 (location - https://w3w.co/loudness.lived.given). Follow the byway as it weaves SW, ignoring a footpath going off to your left.

2: After 1km you reach High Elms Lane (location - https://w3w.co/shack.sneezing.stretcher). Cross the lane and continue heading SW, now on Benington bridleway 37. After 110m turn left at a junction (location - https://w3w.co/submitted.guessing.meanwhile) and head SE on Benington bridleway 38 which becomes Watton-At-Stone bridleway 5 after you cross a small irrigation channel.

3: Continue uphill for 270m to reach Gregory's Farm (the views behind you as you climb are spectacular). Follow the bridleway through the farm (location - https://w3w.co/value.snowboard.pining) for 250m until you reach a large barn on the left and the farm road turns sharp right.

4: Take the path straight ahead through the hedgerow then turn left on Watton-At-Stone bridleway 2. and continue walking ENE for 100m until you reach Loefield Grove. Continue heading ENE for 350m until you leave Loefield Grove. At this point the footpath you are on straddles the parish boundary and becomes both Watton-at-Stone footpath 1 and Benington footpath 43. Continue heading ENE, now crossing a field. After 130m you will reach a junction in the track (location - https://w3w.co/permit.tricky.lavished).

5: Take the left fork and head NE for 590m until you reach Whemstead Road (location - https://w3w.co/nanny.palace.thankful).

6: Turn right on Whemstead Road then head SSE for 130m looking out for Watton-At-Stone footpath 3 on your left (location - https://w3w.co/lectures.upset.justifies). Turn left then follow the footpath into Comb’s Wood and Customs Wood (which are rich in wood anemones and bluebells in the spring).

7: After 470m you leave the wood (location - https://w3w.co/dodges.cocoons.stormed) and take the footpath on the right, Little Munden footpath 12, then follow it ESE then NE for 130m until you reach a brook called The Old Bourne (location - https://w3w.co/quail.resources.modes) which you cross via a bridge.

8: Cross The Old Bourne then head NE on Little Munden footpath 12 through Banfield Wood, eventually reaching a bridleway (location - https://w3w.co/survey.zaps.bands) just beyond a large house called Munden Parva.

9: Turn left here on Little Munden bridleway 7, and follow it NW past Graves Wood on your right for 450m until you cross The Old Bourne again via a bridge (location - https://w3w.co/equipping.pardon.refer).

10: Cross the bridge then take the footpath immediately opposite, accessed via a metal gate, then head NW, still on Little Munden bridleway 7, for 270m until you reach a footbridge over a drainage ditch (location - https://w3w.co/official.resolves.inferior).

11: Cross the footbridge then continue heading NW, Little Munden bridleway 7, for 420m, until you reach a junction in the tracks (location - https://w3w.co/pram.safest.whiplash).

12: Turn left here on Benington bridleway 25 and continue heading SW for 670m until you reach a lane on the outskirts of Burn’s Green (location - https://w3w.co/included.spite.gossiping).

13: Turn left on the lane and follow it WSW for 350m back to the starting point.

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