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A growing collection of free walks suitable for all ages, from an hour-long potter to half-day hikes. We have walking tips for those new to rambling and a comment box beneath every walk for your feedback - you may need to disable any ad blocker to add comments.

Using this site

How to pick a walk to suit your needs

Footpath in north Hertfordshire. Image by Hertfordshire Walker released under Creative Commons

We have 100 walks to choose from ranging from three to 12 miles long. All are free to download. This short guide is designed to help you pick the best walk for you.

Walks map: If you want a walk that starts and finishes near your home, try our map which shows the locations of all the walks. This "Walks map" is in the top menu bar.

List of walks: If you want to browse through the list of walks on the site, you will find it in the left-hand column of every page. Just scroll down until you find 'OUR WALKS'.

Walks tags: All our walks feature local pubs, so if you know the name of the pub, or the town/village/hamlet where you would want to start your walk, have a look at our tag cloud. That is also in the left column with the heading 'OUR WALKS' TAGS'.

Search for a walk: You can also use the 'SEARCH THIS SITE' function that appears to the top right on any page.

Popular walks: If you want to see which walks are most popular scroll down further and have a look at the 'MOST READ WALKS' list.

Walking tips: Before you go on your walk you might want to read our walking tips.

Walking markers: If you are puzzled by the various signs that you will see on Hertfordshire rights of way, please have a look at our rights of way page.

Feedback when you return: When you have completed a walk, please consider adding a comment at the end of the walk directions. You might have noticed a mistake in the text, which we can fix, or you might want to share some tips from your ramble that could benefit others. There is a comment box beneath every walk. If you want to email the site about any other matter, there is a contact form box at the bottom right of every page.