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Walk 37: Three Ridges Loop

Part of this route will be closed until summer 2020 - read more

Great views, four pubs

8.3 miles (13.4 km)

Photograph of the lake along Walk 37: Three Ridges Loop

This walk connects 12 of our earlier walks by adding one, short path near Epping Green, which has not featured in any of our walks before. The route crosses three ridges with amazing view and is on good tracks most of the way.

There are a number of drops and climbs, and seven pubs either along the way or close to the route, including The Beehive at Epping Green, The Five Horseshoes in Little Berkhamsted, The Rose & Crown in Essendon, The Candlestick at West End, with a slight detour there is The Woodman at Wildhill, and at the start and finish at The Crown or the Coach and Horses in Newgate Street.

Map for Walk 37: Three Ridges Loop


  1. Park in New Park Road in Newgate Street. If you can, park at the village end (the road is wider), and at one of the spots where there is fencing so that you leave the spaces outside the houses for the residents. Walk west along New Park Road and look out for a footpath sign on the right just before the farm.
  2. Take this path, and head north and downhill until you pass a pond on your left (pictured at the top of this walk). Continue heading north on this path as it climbs up the hill and emerges on Tyler's Causeway.
  3. Turn left on Tyler's Causeway and walk west along the road for a short distance until you see a footpath sign on your right just beyond a house. (Please take care along this short stretch of road because it can become a bit of a rat run at peak times.)
  4. Follow this path north towards Epping Green with the hedge on your right until you reach a gap in the hedge, a sign and a gate.
  5. Go through the gate, turn left and head up the track until you reach a service lane. (At this point you could head east to The Beehive pub for refreshments.) Turn left and take this lane as it bends round, keeping the water towers on your left. This lane eventually becomes a track. Continue north along this track.
  6. Soon you will see a left fork in the patch at the point when it branches to the right. Take this fork and continue north along this superb ridge with great views on your left until you pass the Little Berkhamsted Cricket Club (you could turn right here if you want refreshments; the village has a shop and a pub/restaurant The Five Horseshoes).
  7. Emerge on Berkhamsted Lane, turn left and walk south-west for a short distance looking out for a track on your right just after a cottage.
  8. Take this track as it passes Dane Farm and becomes a gorse-lined ridge route, dipping down through the woods to the golf course.
  9. Turn left and climb the hill heading west until you reach the club house. Keeping the club house on your left walk round it to your right and then left, cross one fairway - watch out to your left for airborne golf balls - and follow the path through the woods until it emerges on the edge of Essendon village.
  10. Where the path meets the lane in Essendon turn left, past the village hall until you reach the B158. 
  11. Turn left, cross the road with care, and take the first path on your right heading west with Essendon Cricket Club on your right. (At this point you have the option of popping in to The Rose & Crown a few minutes walk further south down the B158.)
  12. Continue down this path as it drops through the woods and downhill to a footbridge before it climbs up the hill, still heading west, to the BOAT (byway open to all traffic) where you turn right,
  13. Follow the BOAT heading north-east until it emerges on West End Lane. Turn left and follow the lane a short way until you reach The Candlestick.
  14. Just before you reach The Candlestick, take the footpath on the left down to the BOAT.
  15. Turn right when you reach the BOAT and continue along this byway heading south until you reach a path on your left leading to a gate.
  16. Take this path and head south-east downhill with the field on your right and the hedge on your left until you reach a footbridge. Cross the bridge and walk through the woods with the stream on your left looking out for a path on your right just before a footbridge on your left.
  17. Take this path and head south-west past Duncan Wood until you reach Camfield Place where you take the path to your left until it emerges on the B158, Kentish Lane. (At this point you could head south a few yards and nip down Wildhill Lane to The Woodman if you need refreshments.)
  18. Cross with care and take the track called Hornbeam Lane as it heads downhill and south east eventually becoming a footpath which continues downhill and then uphill emerging on Cucumber Lane
  19. Turn right on Cucumber Lane and follow it as it heads south-east until you reach Tyler's Causeway.
  20. Turn left, looking out for a track on your right. Cross the road with care and take this track as it heads south for a short way before turning left and heading east back to the place where you parked the car. There are two pubs in Newgate Street, The Crown and The Coach & Horses.

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