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Walk 25: Little Berkhamsted Loop

Woodland, rivers, quiet lanes and open views

4.5 miles (7 km)

The footpath past Culver Wood at point 12 in the walk Image by Hertfordshire Walker released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
The footpath past Culver Wood at point 12 in the walk
Image by Hertfordshire Walker released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

A pleasant walk from Little Berkhamsted village through fields and woodland over to Bayford village and back. The walk includes open fields, shady woodland, footpaths, bridleways and has the benefit of a pub and village shop at the start/finish and a pub half way round. Some parts of the route are along lanes where, for a short distance, there is no footpath/pavement.

Note added Jan 8, 2020: Warning signs saying “DO NOT ENTER” have been put up at a section of a public right of way along this ramble between points 15 and 16 below, now marked in red. The bridleway sign has also been removed at point 16. A local resident told Hertfordshire Walker that the route is currently “in dispute”. We have proposed a detour at point 15 using Little Berkhamsted bridleway 19, which we suggest you use until the issue is resolved. Hertfordshire County Council is aware. Read more...


Map for Walk 25: Little Berkhamsted Loop
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  1. Take the footpath to the east of the church, Little Berkhamsted footpath 9, and follow the path NE for 340m until you come to a gate leading to Buck’s Alley. Turn right.
  2. After 25m you will see a stile and footpath sign to Bayford on the left. Take this footpath, Little Berkhamsted footpath 10, and continue heading E and NE for 580m, crossing a field and dropping down to Bayford Woods.
  3. Walk E through the wood following the footpath SE, Bayford footpath 5, for 640m as it climbs up to a field where you turn left and head N to a gate and stile in the hedgerow. Continue and follow the footpath to Ashendene Road.
  4. Turn left and follow this road, Ashendene Road, for 750m into Bayford village taking care because there isn’t really a footpath/pavement to walk along at first. Keep walking through the village until you reach the Baker Arms - an opportunity for refreshments if you’ve picked the right time of day. Turn left down Well Row and follow the lane, watching out for traffic. Again, this is a lane without a footpath/pavement.
  5. When you reach Bayford church keep left heading NW along Bayford Lane for 280m. The road will swing NW and then NNE. Shortly after a cottage on your left you will see a footpath sign and stile leading left and heading W through a gap between the house and the hedge. This is Bayford footpath 4.
  6. Continue along this path for 330 and cut through a field with horse paddocks left and right. Your way is straight. Continue with the field on your left. Just after the point where the path turns to the right and heads NW you will see a footpath on your left.
  7. Take this path, Bayford footpath 3, for 230m as it cuts through the crops heading due WSW and down hill to Bayford Woods.

  8. The footbridge in Bayford Wood at point 8 in the walk Image by Hertfordshire Walker released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
    The footbridge in Bayford Wood at point 8 in the walk
    Image by Hertfordshire Walker released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

    1. Go through the woods, dropping down to the stream, which you cross via a footbridge. Climb up to the field and turn left following Little Berkhamsted footpath 6 and keeping the hedgerow on your left and the field on your right.
    2. Go through a gap in the hedge and turn right keeping the field on your left and the hedge to your right and head W for 150m.
    3. Continue until you reach a small gravel track where you turn left. Follow this track as it goes SW for 270m. Look out for a bridleway on the right, Little Berkhamsted bridleway 21.
    4. Take this bridleway and head N and NW for 460m following Stockings Lane. You will reach a bridleway junction, you take the left fork and head NW along Little Berkhamsted bridleway 20 for 290m.
    5. At this point look out for a footpath on your left, Little Berkhamsted footpath 5, which heads W and after 250m leads to Robins Nest Hill where you turn left. Continue along Robins Nest Hill heading S for 100m. After a cottage on your right, take the track on your right, Little Berkhamsted footpath 5, keeping Culver Wood on your right.
    6. Follow this footpath as it weaves W, SW, then NW for 470 passing cottages on your right and ending in a gate and stile. Cross the stile and climb the hill and continue heading W for 300m over the hill and and down to the bridleway on the far side.
    7. Turn left on Little Berkhamsted bridleway 18, and follow it SE for 400m until you reach a footbridge. This path is part of the Hertfordshire Chain Walk.  
    8. After crossing the footbridge, turn left and following Little Berkhamsted bridleway 19 SE and uphill for 310m until it meets Breach Lane, turn right on the lane and continue S for 320m until you reach the road.
    9. Cross the road, go through the churchyard, and return to your starting point. Refreshments can be taken at The Five Horseshoes, and snacks can be bought at the village store - subject to opening times.

    Interactive Map