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Walk 58: The Wadesmill NW Loop

Steady climb, open views

6 miles (9.6 km)

Photograph of footpath along Walk 58: The Wadesmill Loop

A walk over undulating countryside with wide open views, well-signposted paths, a few quiet country lanes, and a stretch along a deep cut river hidden by woodland and hedgerow.


Map for Walk 58: The Wadesmill NW Loop  Created on Map Hub by Hertfordshire Walker  Elements © Thunderforest © OpenStreetMap contributors  Note: There is a larger, more-detailed map embedded at the end of these directions
Map for Walk 58: The Wadesmill NW Loop
Created on Map Hub by Hertfordshire Walker
Elements © Thunderforest © OpenStreetMap contributors
Note: There is a larger, more-detailed map embedded at the end of these directions

Park in the village of Wadesmill. There are several spots where (as of September 2016) you can park free of charge. But do please check in case the parking restrictions have changed since this guide was written.

1: Walk SW on Anchor Lane for 200m until you reach a bridleway on the right. This is Thundridge bridleway 35.

2: Take this bridleway and head N uphill for 270m until you reach a junction with a path going off to your left and one going straight ahead.

3: Turn left here on Thundridge footpath 37 and follow this path SW for 200m and then continue as the swings to the right and heads NW across the field. Continue walking NW following markers for 500m until you reach a lane. At this point you will be walking on Bengeo rural footpath 4.

4: Cross the lane, and continue WNW for 360m until you reach woodland. Here the path turns left and heads SW with the Lord’s Wood on your right.

5: At the end of the woodland the path swings NW, crosses the Chelsings Tributary and passes a farm on your left.

6: At the end of the farm buildings turn left then right and continue heading NW along Bengeo rural footpath 3.

7: After 850m you reach Sacombe bridleway 12. Here you turn right and head N and NE for 570  to the point where the bridleway bends to the left and heads N. Continue heading N for another 560m until you reach St Catherine’s Church.

8: Turn right just before the church and follow the Sacombe footpath 3 as it skirts the churchyard, turns left through the woods and emerges in a field. Cross the field (which can be boggy) and head NE until you reach Sacombe Green Road.

9: Turn right Sacombe Green Road and take the first turning on your left, following the as it heads N and then NE.

10: After 500m the lane turns to the left, but you continue heading NE along a Roman road called Lowgate Lane, which is also Thundridge BOAT (byway open to all traffic) 41, with Rowney Wood on your left, for another 840m, looking out for a bridleway sign pointing S (just before the junction with Whitehill).

11: Take this track, Thundridge bridleway 42 as it heads S, crossing a field and, after 380m until you reach woodland. Keeping the woodland on your left and the fields on your right continue down this path. There are some spectacular drops on your left where the river, The Bourne, has cut an impressive gorge through the land.

12: Cross Marshall's Lane and continue down Thundridge footbridge 40 signposted Wadesmill 3/4 mile. Continue heading S for 1km until you reach the road, turn right and head back into the village.

There are a number of places for refreshments in Wadesmill, including The Feathers and The Anchor.

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