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Hertfordshire walking groups that welcome new members
Hertfordshire walking groups that welcome new members

Are you a solo walker wanting to join a walking groups in Hertfordshire? If so, the list below might come in useful.

It has been compiled from posts made in the Hertfordshire Walker members-only Facebook Group. All the groups listed below say they welcome new members.

Some might be free to join, others might charge a subscription - please check with the group you want to join.

Many use our growing collection of walks on Hertfordshire Walker which are all free to download and enjoy on any device. Each walk we publish on Hertfordshire Walker comes complete with directions, maps, photographs, What3Word references, and GPX files so that you can follow the walks on a compatible device in the same way you would follow a sat nav in a car.

If you run a walking group in Hertfordshire that is not listed below, please use our contact form to let us know, or post about your group in a thread I have created in our Hertfordshire Walker Facebook Group.

Hertfordshire walking groups

East Herts Ramblers

All walks are on the East Herts Ramblers website or on its Facebook group. The Ramblers organisation asks that people join after two or three walks.

Mid Herts Footpaths Society

The Mid Herts Footpaths Society describes itself as "a local walking group that welcomes people of all ages". They offer "a 5-mile or 7-mile walk on a Wednesday and up to a 10-mile walk on Sundays". The group says that none of the walks are particularly demanding "as the pace is gentle and the terrain is not too hilly". According to the group dogs are not allowed on the walks. New members are always welcome "just come along and give it a try" but "to ensure a hearty welcome please contact us to let us know you are coming".

Hertfordshire & North Middlesex Ramblers

Hertfordshire and North Middlesex walking group (https://hnmramblers.org.uk/) covers the whole of Hertfordshire as well as the London boroughs of Barnet, Enfield and Haringey. The group is part of The Ramblers Association.

Hertfordshire Health Walks

Easy to join, registration is free-of-charge and you only do it once. You can book a place in advance so that they know you are coming and can let you know if anything changes.

North Herts Dog Ramblers

North Herts Dog Ramblers is a dog-friendly group which walks every Saturday at 10am (and Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the summer). The first three walks are free-of-charge then membership to The Ramblers is required.

North Herts Ramblers Group

The North Hertfordshire Ramblers walking group caters for walkers of all ages and all levels of ability. The group says it has a varied programme of weekly walks in the North Herts area, plus social events and holidays in the UK and overseas. They have a page of dog-friendly walks on their site as well as general walks. North Hertfordshire Ramblers is part of The Ramblers Association.

Parish Walkers

Parish Walkers is free to join and take part in group walks, according to group organiser, Mark Jackson, who adds "the only thing we ask is if you order food and things change please let the group know so we can cancel it".

Single file

There is no charge to join the Single file walking group. Walks take place every Sunday morning in Herts, Beds and Bucks. The group says its forward programme is a bit empty at the moment but a walk will be arranged for each week and details will be published on the group's website and on its Facebook group.

Stag Walkers

Stag Walkers is a Ramblers walking group. They have a group walk most weekends and offer a range of social activities and weekends away too. The group says it is "aimed at people in their 20s, 30s and a bit beyond (young at heart!)". Stag Walkers is based in Hitchin, but walk all over neighbouring counties. Non-members are welcome to try Stag Walkers out for two or three walks before joining Ramblers as a full member to continue walking with the group. Many social events are open to members only. Individual membership costs £41.00 annually or £3.42 per month - see http://www.ramblers.org.uk/stag-walkers for how to join. There is a Stag Walkers Facebook group.

Walkie Talkies

According to the groups Facebook page, Walkie-Talkies is "a bunch of amazing women of different ages, shapes and fitness levels who meet once a week on Thursday mornings at 10 am in and around Wheathampstead for some gentle, relaxed walking (and talking)".

If you are an organiser of one of the groups listed above and you want a different link added to your group, please let me know by using the site's contact form. Also, could you please state whether there is a subscription charge for your group. Once I know I can add that information to the list. Thanks


  1. Hi. FYI 'Single File' Facebook link leads to Hertfordshire Walkers page.

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. Very kind of you. I have now fixed that broken link. David


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