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Hertfordshire Walker survey responses summer 2022

Ellie and Dave Brewer - the Hertfordshire Walker team
Ellie and Dave Brewer - the Hertfordshire Walker team
A big thanks to everyone who responded to our recent Hertfordshire Walker survey. The feedback has been extremely helpful. The survey is now closed for this year. Below is what it revealed.

The aim of the exercise was to make sure that Hertfordshire Walker is meeting the needs of those who use our site.

So a big thanks to the 50 walkers who filled it out, and also took time to add comments and make suggestions. We have already started to implement some of the suggestions including:
  1. adding the distance from the starting point to the nearest town
  2. mentioning whether a walk crosses a livestock field.
We will add both pieces of information to all future walks, and, when I find time, will add the starting point distances to all previous walks.

Below are some of the highlights from the survey.

1: How often do you use the walks on Hertfordshire Walker?
  • I am a regular user = 56%
  • I've tried a few and intend to try more = 42%
2: Do you know that all the walks on Hertfordshire Walker are absolutely free to download and enjoy. We offer free directions and GPS files for almost 200 walks.
  • Yes, I know your walks are free to use = 98%
  • No, I didn't realise they were free = 2%
3: How do you follow our walks? Do you print the directions, maps and photographs, do you follow the directions on an Ordnance Survey map, do you follow the routes on your mobile phone, or do you download the free GPS navigation files to a mobile device to help guide you along the way?
  • I follow the map and directions on my mobile device = 86%
  • I print the map and directions from the Hertfordshire Walker website = 14%
4: If you use GPS to follow our routes, which of the following navigating apps do you use?

5: If you print the walk directions do you know you can delete elements from the directions page to save paper and ink? There is a small green icon below every walk on the Hertfordshire Walker website that helps you save trees.
  • I don't print the directions and maps = 52%
  • Yes, I use the green PrintFriendly icon at the bottom of each walk to delete elements = 40%
  • No, I didn't know that = 6%
6: Do you know you can comment on any walk on Hertfordshire Walker and share your tips and observations for other walkers?
  • Yes, I use the comment box to share my experiences with other walkers = 54%
  • No, I didn't realise that was an option = 24%
Note: Two respondents said they didn't comment because they didn't want to register. To be clear, you don't need to register for anything on Hertfordshire Walker. We don't need your personal details. You can stay anonymous.

7: If you find an overgrown footpath, a footbridge broken, or any other problem do you know you can report the fault directly to Hertfordshire County Council?
  • No, I didn't know that = 42%
  • Yes, I always report any faults I find with the county's rights of way = 32%
  • Yes, but I don't report faults = 16%
8: Do you know that you can see the start of each walk on one interactive map? It's accessible from the menu on both the Hertfordshire Walker website and the mobile version.
  • Yes, I use that page to select walks = 62%
  • Yes, but I don't use it = 20%
  • No, I didn't realise that page existed = 14%
9: Do you ever try any of the pubs mentioned on our routes? We have a list of more than 180 pubs that feature in our walks. Some are on the routes and others involve a short detour.
  • Sometimes we pop in for a drink or snack if they are open = 50%
  • Yes, we often plan our walks based on the pubs/restaurants mentioned = 30%
  • No = 18%
10: Hertfordshire Walker is an independent, non-commercial site. It's a hobby shared. We cover all costs from our own pocket. We don't carry advertisements but do promote charities working in Hertfordshire. During the summer of 2022 we have been featuring The Trussell Trust and Helping Herts. Please add any suggestions for charities you think we should feature in the future.

Suggestions included: We will rotate promo boxes for these suggested charities during the course of the next year.

And finally, we asked how Hertfordshire Walker could improve. Here is what the respondents wrote. I have reproduced them exactly as they appeared in the survey. 
  • You’re bloody brilliant already!
  • More walks of about 3 miles, however I know you have added more short walks recently
  • You seem to cover everything! Many thanks for the routes and especially the tips, particularly the one for removing the little walkers from my Google maps! 🙃
  • As ever I think you do a great job, love it however being based in Bishop's Stortford it would be great if some of your walks were just in Essex .Thank you so much for your app
  • No comments for improvement- it’s absolutely great! I also like the inclusion of the What3words references as it has helped on a couple of occasions when we weren’t concentrating and had missed a turn. Also good for finding the exact start of the walk. Thanks for all your efforts.
  • You both do such a brilliant job I honestly don't know how you could improve it. Well done
  • Keep up the good work!
  • You do a fabulous job and I wish I'd known about you earlier than I did - keep up the brilliant work - I do appreciate it immensely.
  • Can you add whether or not there is livestock or it’s a live stock free walk for us dog walkers please?
  • Love the website and often use the walks. Thanks for helping us discover more areas in Hertfordshire. One suggestion is on the opening description of a walk, as well as the village name, put an indicator of what larger town it is near e.g. 3 miles north of Hertford.I haven’t heard of many of the small villages and when I am browsing your walks to pick the next one, I have to also look up where it is in the county.
  • Expand into West Essex? 😉 Thanks so much for all your efforts and sharing with other walkers
  • Be good to see if a few walkers could form another group. Maybe monthly to start with.anyway?
  • I do suggest that thought be given to forming a BP walk group(ish), perhaps walking together (say) once a month to start with? thank you
  • More walks in the St Albans area please
  • Doesn’t need to improve
  • Now completed 130 Loop Walks loved all of them, Thanks so much. I owe you both a BIG BEER.
  • I absolutely love your site and recommend it widely!
  • I would love to see some walks that intersect with wild swimming opportunities.
  • I’m also really keen on longer walks, so would love to see more of these (but well aware that this is a hobby so that may not match with your needs).
  • Thank you for all you do to provide walks - it’s really helped me fall in love with walking in Hertfordshire.
  • No improvements needed, your walks are great, always well set out and easy instructions to follow. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in xxx
  • Love this site, thank you!
  • I think it's a fabulous site!
  • They are great - thanks for doing this.
  • I think this is an amazing site. The only thing I think would be good for me is some way to meet up with other users (as I don’t know anyone walking in Herts). I look forward to some walking in September
  • Thanks for all the work you put in. It's a great resource.
  • A separate folder on face book for the walks so people can add photos and tips
  • Some of the instructions are confusing .. I'm not sure of distances.
  • Overall I love the app I am walking more and enjoying new routes
  • Thank you for this. You have opened up a world of walking for me and my daughter
  • I love your website and your brilliant walks, and can’t think of any improvements. Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic resource!

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